The Theory of MAGNUS OVEA

For over 35 years, the unique collaboration between Dr. Mitch Javidi and Brian Ellis has been a beacon of excellence. They have worked with CEOs, Special Operators, Corporate Executives, Athletes, First Responders, and high performers from all walks of life, elevating their GREAT to become more “MAGNUS”.


The Theory of MAGNUSOVEA is a scientific paradigm with a practical and transformative approach to human potential. It is a groundbreaking meta-framework that integrates foundational theories, operationalizing and synthesizing insights from Bandura, Vroom, and Siegel, designed to elevate our understanding of human performance and well-being.

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Every Officer Is A Leader 4th Edition

Current and aspiring justice, public safety, and private security leaders should read this book. This book is intended for a diverse readership. A rich composite of competencies is needed by the wide range of professional leaders who will read this book. The reader should expect to find examples of various concepts and skills from multiple working environments. These include business, education, health, social services, criminal justice, and government because police and other justice and public safety leaders find themselves interfacing with—and learning from—all these areas where leadership is applied daily. For the first time that we know of in history, everyone working in an agency may have a foundational understanding and agreement about leadership and how it can be developed. Along with the publication of this 4th Edition of this book, we are publishing the 1st Edition of “Every Fire-Rescue Professional is a Leader: A Practical Guide for Individual, Team, and Organization Development” to serve the leadership development needs of Fire and Rescue Professionals.

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Every Officer Is A Leader
A Field Guide For All Personnel

This field guide has been developed at the request of First Responders who want a handy guide they can take with them to assess their skills, target the skills they want to work on and track the progress of their skill development. It can also be used to discuss with your supervisor or coach so that you can develop a plan for your leadership development. It is a quick pocket reference to trigger your awareness of 2-3 skills you want to work on developing each day. Using the Guide in this way will encourage you to stay focused on your leadership development goals and celebrate your achievements. If you want more depth and understanding of how a particular skill can be applied, you can use the whole book to explain how the skill can be successfully applied. You can order the full text at

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Every Fire-Rescue Professional Is A Leader

The premise of Every Fire-Rescue Professional is a Leader is stated In its title. Although “leadership” may not appear in their job descriptions, leadership is the job of every person who enters this profession by virtue of the trust their community places in them. This practical “how to” book fills major gaps in their development by teaching readers how to acquire and improve key leadership skills so they will be ready when their turn comes. It defines each skill, states why competency is important, lists sample behaviors, and suggests how to develop or enhance readers’ proficiency and apply the skills. The applications are brought to life by some 150 stories shared by over forty fire-rescue professionals from all ranks. The fact that each skill’s information is contained in 3-4 pages makes it easily accessible for training purposes. Completing the self-assessments throughout the book results in a customized leadership training plan.

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Every Fire-Rescue Professional Is A Leader
A Field Guide for all Personnel

Field Guide #1 is an easily accessible workbook that helps users hone their competence in the 60 leadership skills described in Every Fire-Rescue Professional is a Leader. It is recommended for fire-rescue personnel at all ranks and positions and for agency governing body members. The Field Guide’s stripped-down format contains basic information about each skill, sample behaviors, self-assessments for users to track their progress, and space for personal notes and observations. Those observations can lead to new insights about how to use each skill to its fullest extent, especially when they are weighed against others’ experiences such as those described in the book through stories shared by fire-rescue professionals from all ranks. Completing the self-assessment results in a customized blueprint for enhancing users’ leadership skills. The Afterword section suggests the next steps for each level of competence.

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Every Fire-Rescue Professional Is A Leader
A Field Guide for Chief Officers

Field Guide #2 is an easily accessible workbook that helps users hone their competence in the twelve emergent leadership skill sets described in detail in Every Fire-Rescue Professional is a Leader. Because emergent skill sets are clusters of skills such as business acumen and political acumen that typically are used by senior leaders, this Field Guide is recommended for fire-rescue chief officers and their agency decision-makers. Its stripped-down format contains basic information about each skill set, sample behaviors, self-assessments for users to track their progress, and space for personal notes and observations. It also provides three contributing individual skills relevant to each emergent skill set. There are self-assessments for each skill set as well as for the individual contributing skills. A matrix in the appendix indicates the individual leadership skills most relevant to each skill set. The completed matrix will serve users as their customized leadership development plan.


Landing a Promotion: 25 Nuggets of Wisdom

Preparing to lead others is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly. When you choose to promote into a leadership position, you are choosing to take on the responsibility of not only yourself, but others. You are making a conscious decision to influence the direction of a team and an organization. Your promotion means you are able to bring about and support change and instill organizational values for the sake of something higher than yourself. Those you lead will look to you for guidance, support, wisdom, direction, and most importantly integrity. Your desire to promote is admirable and you should view it as such. Not everyone is cut out to lead others through times of uncertainty, volatility, turbulence, success, and growth. Understanding your role is paramount if you truly desire to lead others. Anyone can manage day-to-day operations, but leaders know how to inspire those around them to drive success. They know how to motivate their team by understanding the human dynamics of connection. They practice leadership every day because they understand leadership is not a final destination to success, but a starting point to inspiring respect and finding common ground. In this book, I have distilled personal experiences into what I have termed Nuggets of Wisdom (NOW), for you to contemplate when seeking a promotion. The best way to use these nuggets of wisdom is to integrate them into your daily life in a manner consistent with your authentic self. Grow the nuggets of wisdom into positive habits of success. The key to your promotion and leadership success is introspection and action. Preparation and opportunity further enhance your chance of success, if you put in the time and do the work.


Ascending the Ranks:
Growing into a Revered Leader

Becoming the leader you were born to be relies on your ability to master five leadership principles: character, competence, compassion, courage, and commitment.

Character: refine your moral qualities.
Competence: develop skills and knowledge.
Compassion: practice empathy.
Courage: stand up for what you believe in.
Commitment: dedicate yourself to continuous learning.

It has taken me over thirty years to finally have the courage to stand up and tell the story of how I achieved the top rung of the leadership ladder in law enforcement- how I became a top cop. I have distilled my journey down to pivotal moments that have left a lasting impression on who I am as a leader and where I stand today. If my journey inspires one person to become more intentional in pursuing their dreams, then I have achieved my goal of paying it forward.


Deliberate Leadership
Creating Success Through Personal Leadership

The principles and strategies in Deliberate Leadership apply to everyone who wants to lead self and others more effectively—whether you are a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, a Law Enforcement or Military Officer, a Small Business Owner, University Dean, Volunteer Leader, Pastor, Shift Supervisor, Manager, Student, or Parent.

Some of the Vital Knowledge You Will Gain

  • The impact and the implications of your leadership style
  • The 2 main reasons leaders fail
  • The 3 skills every leader must have to succeed
  • How to influence and inspire others intentionally
  • How to immediately increase employee engagement
  • New definitions of Extroversion and Introversion—why others have it wrong!
  • Why playing to your strengths is essential
  • A system to optimize team and organizational performance



Moral Compass
For Law Enforcement Professionals

The executive team at the International Academy of Public Safety (IAPS) is proud to introduce this practical resource book designed specifically for the field of law enforcement. Replete with personal and professional experiences, proven best practices, and supported by evidence-based research, our book is not intended to be a how-to manual with step-by-step instructions – the lives of those in law enforcement rarely follow a blueprint. Rather, it is styled as a “go-to” moral compass intended to guide the overall thinking for those whose daily duties include serving and protecting the public. It is our belief that “every officer is a leader” and as such is expected to be a model of positive influence within the scope of his/her responsibility. We hope that referencing this guide will assist officers in ensuring that their actions reflect their police agency’s mission, vision, philosophy, values, and school of thought. After much team reflection it seemed appropriate to introduce this book metaphorically as a “compass”. By “compass” we mean a simple instrument that, with its northward facing needle, is a consistent and correct indicator of direction. By adding the word “moral” we hope to evoke a clear picture of those values that will always steer an officer in a virtuous direction. Some may argue that morals are situationally dependent, but as law enforcement officers our “moral compass” should always point in the same direction, no matter which way we turn, no matter who is (or is not) watching.


Decriminalizing Mental Illness

Innovative, Inspirational, and Above All, Practical and Proven

Crisis Intervention Teams divert people living with mental illness from jail with appropriate alternatives. Decriminalizing Mental Illness offers effective strategies for building a permanent Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) program based on a confirmed, easy-to-follow process of capacity building. It will help you:

  • Establishcommunity networking and fundraising to support your CIT program.
  • Decidethe program’s scope and structure given your community’s unique situation.
  • Implementyour process with a checklist of field-proven Effective Practices.
  • Create true collaboration between law enforcement and mental health professionals.
  • Choose the venue, format, and personnel for training those involved.
  • Takeyour CIT program from conception to a self-sustaining community service.

To further increase your odds for success, Decriminalizing Mental Illness introduces MAGNUS-OVÉA New Wave leadership, based on character development and holistic individual potential.